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A Pipeline to Talent: An Update with some Monroe-Brown Interns

onroeBrownThumb Recent Kalamazoo College graduates sometimes assume there are no opportunities in Kalamazoo for job growth, and so they move to bigger cities. This perception is often a misconception, and to help set the record straight, Joan Hawxhurst, director of the … Continue reading

Neurosurgery Internship

Brielle Bethke ’16 did an independent internship at the University of Louisville Center for Neurological Surgery. There she assisted with physical therapy, conducted data analysis, shadowed physicians and researchers, and met people with a unique outlook on life. Her work … Continue reading

Active Autumn in Career Education

Bret Linvill ’15 (center) during his summer internship, flanked by alumni supervisor Jerry Mechtenberg-Berrigan ’97 (right) and Jerry''''s son, Amos. Autumn’s active in the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD). The Recruiting Expo and the Professional Development Institute are hard-to-miss fall events. And you often find CCPD staff speaking in upper-level classes and first-year seminars. Every day CCPD staff … Continue reading

Double Intern

oeBeaudry So eventful was the junior year of senior Zoe Beaudry that she made sure the summer following was just as worthy in terms of experiential opportunities. Zoe studied abroad in Israel during her junior fall and winter terms. That was … Continue reading

K Grads Receive “Preferred” Admissions Status to New WMU Medical School

The new Western Michigan University School of Medicine (WMed) has announced a “preferred” relationship with Kalamazoo College, Western Michigan University (WMU), and WMU’s Lee Honors College. Prospective students from these institutions may apply to WMed through the American Medical College … Continue reading

Career and Professional Development

When they think about the move from college to work or graduate study, students usually ask three questions:
  • Who am I?
  • What kinds of careers best fit who I am?
  • How can I get there from here?

These inquiries drive K’s approach to helping our students. Our model includes identification of pathways; hands-on experiences (such as externships and internships); and transition assistance. Our team assists students one-on-one and in workshops, first to ask the right questions and then to find the right answers. Our approach is uncommon and yields information and experience customized and useful to each student.

Because life is not a straight line...

Students discover creative combinations: like the physics major with a passion for music who found a career as an acoustic design professional, or the chemistry and art history double major who loves her work as an art conservator.

Students find their homes in the world of work through a series of career-related immersive field experiences, including the nationally recognized Discovery Externship Program. K students connect with K alumni living all across the world and working in a wide variety of fields, job types, and organizations. They work with these alums and live in their homes and, as a result, they build a network that is indispensable to living successfully in a complex world.

The recently established Guilds initiative brings together students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the College around common professional interests. For students, Guilds connect elements of the K-Plan into a more integrated educational experience and develop networks and professional relationships useful after graduation.

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