Recent SIP Highlights

Mara Richman ’14: Have Research, Will Travel

araRichmanThumb Mara Richman ’14 recently cut classes for an entire week. But the senior psychology major wasn’t goofing off. Rather, she attended the International Borderline Personality and Allied Disorders annual conference in Rome—at their invitation—to deliver her research paper “Reading the … Continue reading

Sustainability Goes Fourth at Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo College will host the fourth annual Sustainability SIP Symposium on Monday, April 29, 6-9 p.m., in 103 Dewing Hall on the K campus (1200 Academy St.), co-sponsored by the College’s Guilds and Environmental Studies Program. Free and open to … Continue reading

K Senior’s Documentary Poetry Project Cited in “Gay Military Signal”

English major Gabriella Donofrio ’13 completed what English professor Diane Seuss calls “a remarkable Senior Individualized Project!” Donofrio wrote a book of documentary poetry about life in the military (before and after the repeal of the “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” … Continue reading

K senior builds her future with help from K’s past

Eeva Stout-Sharp Eeva Stout-Sharp ’13 is reaching into Kalamazoo College’s past in order to forge her own future after K. As part of her Senior Individualized Project (SIP) in Art History, the Petoskey, Mich. native has curated an exhibit of portraits from … Continue reading

The Magnificent Five

Majors Sandrine Zilikana ’12 and Mara Livezey ’13 and biology major Lindsey Gaston ’12  joined chemistry department faculty members Regina Stevens-Truss and Laura Lowe Furge at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Meeting in San Diego in late April. The students presented results of their summer research experiences … Continue reading

Senior Individualized Project (SIP)

The SIP is an occasion for independent scholarship, often in conjunction with an internship or other creative activity, that results in a written report, performance, or exhibit. The College considers such independent work a significant part of the education of all Kalamazoo College students. Therefore, every student must complete a SIP of at least one unit.

The SIP requirement is usually completed in the major department, although a SIP may be completed in any department of the College with the approval of that department and an advisor in that department. Each department sets its own requirements for senior projects done in that department, including the range of acceptable projects, the required background of students doing projects, the format of the SIP, and the expected scope and depth of projects.

During students' senior spring, a number of departments host symposia, recitals, exhibitions, or theatrical productions in which results of research or creative work are featured.

Please refer to the academic catalog for more details and specific requirements.