September 2013


Begin Empty Handed

by Gail Martin '74

Martin has published her second book of poems to high critical acclaim. Begin Empty Handed is the winner of the 2013 Perugia Press Prize. According to one reviewer, the poems ride the hinge between the life expected and the reality of life in process. In response, the mid-life speaker pivots between being empathetic and disengaged, resulting in a paradoxical and believable stance. While she surrenders to hard truths—loss of a parent, enduring marriage, mothering daughters in trouble, for example - she’s a subject - changer, she digresses, then she looks straight at the pain. Throughout, though, she remains remarkably witty and ironic. No illness, damage, or danger is made light of; painful situations are witnessed or resisted with a raw and intermittently comic attitude as the poet goes about the brutal work of letting go.

Praised by the judges for the poet’s “endearing wobble” in attitude, “cheerful pessimism,” and “fiery, vibrant, and spirited” voice, the manuscript has image-rich narratives, cool understatement, and attention to form. The book was released this month.

Martin is a therapist in private practice in Kalamazoo.  Her first book is The Hourglass Heart (New Issues, 2003). The Perugia Press Prize honors first or second books published by women. Martin's book was chosen from among 500 submissions.

Calvin Wooster Owen: Diary of a Nineteenth Century American

by Ann H. Stevens '80 and Kathy Kanauer

The editors annotated the diary of Calvin Owen (1798–1880), a man who chronicled his life and the events of the Rochester, New York, area, including the town of Penfield, which celebrated its bicentennial in 2010 - the occasion for this book's publication. Owen wrote about the growth of the city of Rochester, the Civil War, the assassination of President Lincoln, Penfield's mills, the formation of the Monroe County Republican Party, Sam Patch's leap into the Genesee River, civil lawsuits, powder mill explosions and fires. He comments about the Carson League, the Sons of Temperance, the Millerite religious movement, and Abolition. He offers personal observations about alcohol, tobacco, medicine, and religion, and he shares the joys and hardships of nineteenth century American life. The 232-page book contains numerous illustrations and informational sidebars describing the people, politics, and events that Owen discusses, as well as a timeline, maps, family tree, and an extensive index. To learn more, visit Stevens's website.

The Psychology of Music in Multimedia

Edited by Siu-Lan Tan (Associate Professor of Psychology, Kalamazoo College), Annabel J. Cohen, Scott D. Lipscomb, and Roger A. Kendall

The Psychology of Music in Multimedia is the first book to consolidate the scientific research on how we integrate sound and image when engaging with film, television, video, interactive games, and computer interfaces.  Grounded in empirical research and a strong psychological framework, this book makes a distinct contribution to our understanding of the role of sound and music in multimedia. Siu-Lan Tan served as primary editor of this edited volume, which includes the work of 20 contributors representing seven countries and a wide range of disciplines including psychology, musicology, neuroscience, media studies, film, and communication. Tan also contributed three co-authored chapters, including one on the role of sound and music in video games. The Oxford companion website features over 130 audio, audiovisual, and animation files, enabling readers to hear and see original laboratory stimuli used in some studies discussed in the book. The book was published summer 2013 by Oxford University Press.

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