May 2008


Do you know these people?

Calling all alumni! In preparation for the College's celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Study Abroad, the Archives Department is looking for your help identifying people and places in various Study Abroad photos online. A Flickr account has been set up with photos whose location, date, participants, and photographer are unknown. Visit Flickr to view the photos, and please leave a comment with any photo for which you know more information. Alumni with existing Flickr accounts may log in and leave comments with photos, and those without accounts may set one up for free at the Flickr website.
Baker's Dozen

As the manager of the advancement services department, Tim Baker helps maintain the electronic records of the entire College-a daunting job in normal circumstances. It's even more so now that the College is in the process of changing the database, which the entire campus uses to conduct its business. Good thing the 34-year old Baker has the body of an 18 year old. Seriously! Baker participates in the College's Wellness program, part of which is the Polar Body Age Screen, an assessment of lifestyle, habits, strength, and cardiovascular fitness expressed as one's true body age. Eighteen years is the lowest it goes, so Baker's score was quite surprising. But that's not the only surprising thing about him. He writes short stories for romance and mystery magazines and has published more than 100 in the U.S. and England (the photo shows him with a few magazines that include his stories). He's also a full-time student, completing a bachelor's degree in business (with a concentration in information systems) from the University of Phoenix. He's training to run marathons and plans to participate in at least two in 2008. He's a martial artist with yellow belt rank in Karate and blue belt in Akido. He also practices Tai Chi and yoga at the College.

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