David Barclay


Margaret and Roger Scholten Professor of International Studies

Department of History
Office Dewing 303C
Office Phone 269-337-7056
E-mail barclay@kzoo.edu
Web Page http://www.kzoo.edu/history/barclay/
Education BA, MA, University of Florida
PhD, Stanford University
Courses Taught HIST 102 Introduction to Europe II: Modern Europe
HIST 241 Britain and the British Empire 1688-Present
HIST 244 French Revolution and Napoleon
HIST 245 History of France, 1815-Present
HIST 246 Germany and Central Europe: 19th Century
HIST 247 History of Germany and Central Europe, 1890-Present
HIST 250 Revolution, Industry and Imperialism: 19th Century Europe
HIST 255 Contemporary Europe
HIST 257 World War II
HIST 395 Seminar in Modern European History
HIST 490 Senior Seminar: Philosophy of History