Jewish Studies

Program Information

Professor: Dion, Elman, Haus (Director), Petrey

The Jewish Studies Concentration at Kalamazoo College seeks to advance the knowledge of the rich history, religion, and culture of the Jewish people.  Exploring these subjects enables students of all backgrounds to deepen their understanding of basic human questions.  Studying the Jewish experience engages students in important intellectual and ethical issues such as majority/minority relations, identity formation, and the relationship between the religious and the secular.  Jewish Studies courses also train students in textual traditions, teaching them to read beyond the page and to consider the broader impact of the written word. As an interdisciplinary field, Jewish Studies provides the opportunity for students to make connections between different areas of the liberal arts.

Outside of the classroom, the Jewish Studies Concentration can act as an academic catalyst for students developing service learning and social justice projects in conjunction with the new Arcus Center and with existing Service Learning programs at the College.  In this manner, the Jewish Studies Concentration encourages students to become thoughtful scholars as well as morally aware and socially engaged human beings.